Are you wondering if a particular veteran's name may already be listed on the Memorial Walls in the Jeff Davis Veterans Square next to the Jeff Davis County Courthouse?  We now have a list here on our website of all the veterans' names currently listed on our Memorial Walls.  You can click on the blue button below which will take you to the Wall Names List page.  Or, if you just wish to view the list of names which are currently engraved on the Memorial Walls then click the blue button below.

Get Veteran's Names Added to the JDCVA Memorial Wall

​Are you a Veteran or do you know someone who is a Veteran which served in any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces?

​If so, would you get your/their name added to the JDCVA Memorial Wall located in the Veterans Square by the Jeff Davis County Court House?

​To qualify, you or the Veteran you know must be from or once lived in Jeff Davis County or must have a family connection to Jeff Davis County, must have been released from service with Honorable Discharge or still serving, served during Peace Time or War Time, and served in Combat or not.

​All new names added/engraved will be done and displayed on Veterans Day in Nov. of each year.

​To have a new veteran name added, fill out the form and submit it to the JDCVA.  You can submit the form by emailing it to us, mailing it to us, or turn it in to one of us at one of our events or monthly meetings.

Click the green​ button below to Download and Print the new form for adding names to the JDCVA Memorial Wall.

​This green​ button can be found on every page of our website.

​Special Notifications:


Our monthly meetings are held on the last Tues. of each month at the New City Municipal Bldg. which is next to the New Hazlehurst Police Dept. Bldg. which is next to Dr. Johnson's Bldg.

JDVA Upcoming Events:​​

- Last Monthly Meeting for 2017 - Oct. 31, 2017:  Monthly Meeting - Start Time is at 18:30 (6:30 pm) / Meeting Location is at the New City Municipal Bldg. next to the New Hazlehurst Police Dept. Bldg. next to Dr. Johnson's Bldg.   *** All veterans are welcome to attend  (We do NOT function like the VFW does/did!)

​- Nov. 11, 2017: Veterans Day Ceremony - Start Time is 11:00 am / Location is at the Jeff Davis County Veterans Square next to the Jeff Davis County Court House.

​- Due to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays there will not be a Monthly Meeting for Nov. or Dec. 2017.  The next Monthly Meeting after Oct. 2017 will be in Jan. 2018.

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